Livestock offers a wide range of possibilities to accommodate various budgets, available space, and available caregivers. Homebound, disabled and elderly people can raise chickens or ducks in their huts and earn income from selling eggs. Goats regularly give birth to multiple offspring which can be sold for additional income or kept to grow the flock, making them a desirable asset for families with children old enough to shepherd them along roadsides. Families who can afford a calf will take 6-12 months to fatten it for sale and then realize a handsome profit. Typically, families start out with small animals and gradually increase their investment to larger, more profitable animals. For many, it is the initial step toward building financial independence. More than 75,000 families received grants for raising a variety of animals since the program began in 1988.

Program Costs

  • Purchase of a mature milk cow    $440.00
  • Purchase of a young calf    $220.00
  • Purchase of a pair of goats    $75.00
  • Purchase of ten chickens or ducks    $48.50

Current Year Goals

  • Provide 25 families with a mature cow
  • Provide 150 families with a young calf
  • Provide 750 families with a single goat
  • Provide 18,00 families with 3-5 chickens/ducks