In a country where malnutrition levels are high, disease is rampant, and income levels are low, treatments for diseases and other health conditions are often luxuries many impoverished families cannot afford. In the event of the illness of a family member, many families will find themselves further thrust into poverty as a result of high medical costs and debt. In many cases, the ill person will simply be left untreated, often leading to long-term disabilities or death. In addition, the illness of the income-earner can have dire results for a family who already struggles to eat two or three meals per day. By providing treatment support, PEP helps ensure that treatment is provided where necessary and for families impacted by high medical costs to suffer minimal additional hardships as a result.

PEP’s health care service delivery initiatives have evolved over the years with the needs and demands of the people, and ensures them of receiving low cost treatment and enhanced health awareness. PEP has implemented following projects in collaboration with different funding agencies:

  • Integrated Health Care Project at DIDP
  • Under-Five Clinic at KIDP
  • Usha Rani Paul and Eti Rani Saha Memorial Clinic at Nikli IDP
  • Gurai Health Care Clinic at Nikli IDP

Due to shortage of funding the above health care projects have ended their operation. At present, a small clinic namely T. Ahmed Memorial Clinic at NIDP is in operation. The clinic started its journey under PEP management with effect from February 2006. This clinic renders outpatient services for different diseases. A total of 5,293 patients received treatment till today. Extreme hard core and hard core poor pay 50%, very poor 75% and less poor pay 80% of the total cost of medicine. Further more 9,919 target peoples receive awareness through health issues meetings.